Journey Into My Underworld

 Long Breast press are proud to announce the launch of their latest project: 'Journey Into My Underworld" by Jo Alexander.

Journey Into My Underworld - Jo Alexander - Long Breast Press


The late 1960s and early 1970s were times of great societal and political change in Western Europe, but in particular in progressive Holland (The Netherlands). 

In this book, Jo takes you into her personal experiences of those times while the sexual, political and religious revolutions were raging around her. Her journey into her sexual identity was not an easy one; lesbianism was invisible, homo- and lesbo-phobia was everywhere, and religious Roman Catholic repression was rigid and fearsome.

Courageously Jo describes her journey into sexual taboos, from the inside out, and about being a girl, compulsory heterosexuality, and the lesbian sexual experience. She describes her internalised fear, implanted by her Catholic upbringing, and the devastating effects of being judged and exiled. Jo also writes about joy and liberation and of her love for women in general.

Claiming her lesbian identity was a peak experience in more ways than one.

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